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  1. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    The effects of the climate crisis are not an “in the far future” thing anymore: it is already happening today. One of the top contributors to it are enterprises. As such, enterprises must use innovative solutions to improve the way they operate – for the betterment of the company and of the world.

    Here are some sustainable technologies making trends that can help us:

  2. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Humans can't compete with the efficiency & reliability of machines. They’re cold, logical & unbiased. Just the qualities employers look for in recruiters. That’s why companies are turning to AI to hire human workers. But, is it a good idea to take humanity out of HR?

    Find out:

  3. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Google Cloud and Ericsson are teaming up to jointly develop 5G and edge cloud solutions to help communications service providers digitally transform and to unlock new enterprise and consumer use cases.

    Find out more:

  4. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Digitising human resources can be challenging. Organisations want to have a simple, straightforward way of dealing with employees.

    DTA speaks to Clement Tan, Group CEO and Managing Director of RAMSSOL GROUP BERHAD on how a mobile HR application can help organisations manage their staff:

  5. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Everyone talks about 5G. But who holds the best patent portfolio to standardise its implementation worldwide?

    Find out here:

  6. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Adobe Summit 2021, the world’s largest digital experience conference saw major announcements and innovations being made to help businesses better serve their customers.

    Find out more:

  7. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    With companies moving to leverage AI, cloud and IoT to boost their operations, it is easy to see why the human touch is overlooked.

    Listen to AVEVA’s Kim Custeau talk about the importance of ‘Connected Workers’ in these companies:

  8. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    5G is the next step in connectivity. But as it is new, there will be some inefficiencies. That is why Samsung Electronics has developed a new 5G wideband radio technology to help drive more flexible and cost-effective 5G deployments.

    Find out:

  9. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Crypto, the newest thing to disrupt the conventional financial systems all over the world. Despite many critics against it, its adoption is growing steadily. How much has it grown? What does the future hold for it?

    Take a peek here:

  10. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Remember all those futuristic utopias we see in sci-fi movies set in the distant future, where the digital world is one with the physical? Well, it might not be so distant after all. Find out how commerce is integrating AR and 3D projection to attract customers:

  11. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Asia Online Publishing Group is expanding its Disruptive Tech Asean news portal to the Thai market. With many IT professionals in Thailand fast adopting disruptive tech, they can now find all the latest news on the topic in one convenient place.

    Check out this article to find out more.

  12. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    There are many facial recognition technologies out there but how can one ensure that it provides the highest levels of security and privacy?

    Check out this article as Intel have introduced the RealSense ID Facial Authentication which is “designed to deliver a secure facial authentication platform that users can trust”.

  13. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    How will unified communications and collaboration platforms evolve in 2021?

    What new security threats will such platforms face in the new year?

    What is Zoom’s 2021 plans?

    Watch this video posted by Disruptive Tech Asean to have all of these questions answered!

  14. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    The digital acceleration means that the need for faster, more reliable connectivity will only grow.

    Read how CAT Telecom is collaborating with Huawei to adapt to global business trends and introduce the next-generation optical transport network in order to deliver ultra-low latency, wide coverage, high security and availability, as well as enhanced intelligence and agility.

  15. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Global decarbonisation and AIoT technology leader, Envision Digital and Tridium Inc have entered into a strategic agreement to develop joint innovations!

    Find out what to expect from this new partnership in this article!

  16. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    An interesting read:

    8 Intelligent Automation Predictions for 2021.

    Stay informed and prepared for next year with these in-depth descriptions and break downs!

  17. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Limelight Networks Revolutionise Live Streaming Experience

    "Realtime Streaming is part of the widest range of low latency online streaming solutions in the industry that solve this challenge."

    To continue reading, click here!

  18. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    What are the top 5 fintech technologies?

    Financial organisations are utilising a wide range of new technology for their operations.

    Find out more about some of them by checking out this article!

  19. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Hitachi Vantara and AWS Collaborate to Accelerate and Optimise Business Outcomes with IoT and AI

    "Industrial customers need actionable insights to improve safety, streamline operations, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve profitability in running their industrial operations."

    Keep reading! Click here!

  20. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    Everyone must undergo digital transformation!

    Following the repercussions of the pandemic on organisations, digital transformation is becoming a matter of survival.

    Learn more about what your organisation can do to become more agile and adaptive by clicking here!

  21. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    New Range of Huawei x Gentle Monster Smart Glasses Scores High On Form, Function and New Features.

    "HUAWEI’s second-generation smart glasses continue to focus on audio and smart innovation, with a more avant-garde yet comfortable design and a greater wealth of outstanding smart functions to experience"

    Click on the link to read more!

  22. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

    UOB Malaysia Launches Malaysia’s First AI-Powered Digital Service on its All-in-One Mobile Banking App.

    "Customers will receive personalised insights based on their banking and spending patterns, empowering them to track and to manage their savings and expenses effortlessly with this latest innovation to UOB Mighty."

    Read the full article! Click here!

  23. Disruptive Tech Asean says:

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