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Big Data Analytics – Data Science 3-Day Practical Training
February 12, 2016 Blog big data

Why Big Data and Data Science

Businesses and the governments are finding ways to make sense of all the available data in this big data era. Business Analytics thus finds favor as it utilizes tools and techniques like data mining, pattern matching, data visualizations and predictive modeling to predict and optimize outcomes and derive value from the data. Equipped with this useful information, organizations can compete better in cut-throat markets both locally and globally.

Today, data is everywhere. We create it simply with the touch of a button. But how much of it is actually useful? Whether you are in finance, operations, sales & marketing or planning, you may be in touch with millions of data points every day without being aware of how to derive valuable information from this data.

Who should attend this Data Science training

This training reviews the commonly applied statistical/mathematical/artificial intelligence concepts and theories in data science applications. Discussion of the theories surrounds the fundamentals, working principles, and limitations of commonly used algorithms. In subsequent hands-on sessions, participants will learn how to apply these theories to real-life case studies. Therefore, this training is ideal for both researchers who focus on algorithms, and for professionals who intend to work on data analytics applications such as critical product analysis, targeted marketing, customer lifecycle management, social media analytics, fraud detection, and inventory management.

Date: 18-20 January 2016

( Monday – Wednesday)

Time: 0900 – 1700
Venue: Level 8 (North Wing), Knowledge Workers Development Centre (KDC)- MDeC, Lot 12122 Persiaran Apec, Cyberjaya 63000, Selangor
(within Tech Mahindra Campus)

To register, please contact: m +6010 663 1852