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10×1000 Launches FLEX FinTech Program for Financial Inclusion
September 21, 2021 News


Written by: Martin Dale Bolima, Tech Journalist, AOPG.

10×1000 Tech for Inclusion, a globally known and respected FinTech training platform has announced an ambitious program known as FLEX, which will enable aspiring practitioners in the FinTech industry to learn more about technological innovation and digital solutions online and at their own pace.

Having already produced 10,000 tech talents and leaders in its 10-year existence, 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion aims to continue this rich tradition of enabling young, ambitious individuals to become drivers of digital economic growth. FLEX will make this possible, alongside strengthened collaborations with the platforms and many partners worldwide, from highly regarded organisations in FinTech to tech investors and other global experts in the industry.

“We’re committed to this philanthropic initiative for the long run. 10×1000 is still young, but we have big ambitions,” said Lynn Chen, Head of Partnerships at 10×1000, in her opening remarks. “Today, we’re launching a new scalable and flexible program, FLEX, which allows us to reach thousands of learners online globally. 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion’s mission to enable every learner to be the driver of digital economic growth can only be achieved through the strengths and support of our global partners.”

Among 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion’s partners, which make up its Global Partners Network, are global organisations International Finance Corporation (IFC), United Nations (UN) Commission for Africa, UN World Food Programme and the IFC-managed SME Finance Forum.

Regional partners of the program include FinTech Association of Hong Kong, FinTech Association of Malaysia, FinTech Alliance PH Inc, Malaysia Digitial Economy Corporation, MENA FinTech Association, Singapore FinTech Association, Thai FinTech Association, Africa’s Business Heroes, Dubai International Financial Centre and She Loves Tech. Professional investors collaborating with 10×1000 are BAce Capital, Gobi Partners, KPMG and 917Ventures.

“Each partner brings deep expertise in their respective domains, and the 10×1000 will also work closely with partners in areas of content and curriculum development and online-offline community engagement,” said Chen in proudly introducing 10×1000 Global Partners Network. “10×1000 looks forward to working with all of you closely, and the first opportunity will be the FinTech Foundation program FLEX.”

“We’re [10×1000] committed to delivering structured, well-design learning experiences and all of our programs are built around our unique mindset-knowledge-skills framework,” said Kyle Smith, Content Lead at 10×1000. “Mindset is all about the ‘Why?’, providing high-level insights, new ways [of] thinking about today’s opportunities and challenges and inspiration to create change. In the FinTech Foundation Program, you get a holistic overview of the impact of digital technology on inclusion as well as key trends in financial inclusion across Asia.”

Smith added: “Knowledge is the ‘What?’ What are the latest best practices and industry trends that you need to know? In the FinTech Foundation Program, you’ll learn about the key technologies which make FinTech and financial inclusion possible: The tech behind FinTech, including blockchain, AI, security, IoT and computing, as well as some of the latest applications in blockchain and AI. In skills, you get the ‘How?’ or specific frameworks and methodologies to apply in your career and move forward.”

The program, according to Smith, will also feature only global experts from around the world. They will include FinTech CEOs, leading subject matter experts and thought leaders “all operating at the forefront of their fields,” so that enrollees will “get cutting-edge insights, diverse perspectives and practical takeaways,” and “a world-class learning experience.” The platform itself, says Smith, was built in accordance with leading regulatory standards for data protection such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act, thus securing all personal information that participants will be giving.

The fully online certificate program will be available starting this October, when young, aspiring innovators from members of 10×1000’s Global Partner Network will be recruited to the Fintech Foundation Program FLEX.

“We are delighted to join hands with global partners to bring the 10×1000 training platform to learners worldwide as we seek innovative approaches to meeting a common goal of bridging the digital skills gap, particularly in communities that need it the most,” said Eric Jing, Chairman and CEO at Ant Group, owner and operator of digital payments platform Alipay. “I am excited that learners from 10×1000’s new Flex program will gain the FinTech knowledge they need to support their communities and help bring us closer to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

“Shortage of digital talent is one of the key challenges in emerging markets to drive innovation, especially in the time of pandemic when digitalisation is more needed than ever,” said Qamar Saleem, Regional Manager for Advisory Services, Financial Institutions Group, Asia and Pacific at IFC. “In many emerging markets, [the] digital economy is rapidly evolving, while the local education systems have not really adapted at the same pace as many academic institutions do not bring sufficient digital training into classrooms yet.”

Saleem added: “With the potential of digital technology to expand access to markets in financing, investing in digital talent becomes a more and more important aspect of work to reduce poverty and inequality. To tap into the high demand of financial sources in the post-COVID era and ensure the healthy development of the financial industry all stakeholders—banks, FinTechs and regulators—need to keep up with the fast-paced changes to promote balanced development, with a focus on consumer protection, cybersecurity and digital financial literacy.”

Another one of 10×1000’s goals in the future is to create more vibrant and modern platforms that will help both individuals and organisations in contributing to further global financial inclusion.