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3rd Analytics Leaders Summit To Be Held In Kuala Lumpur


The Analytics Leaders Summit which will be held from the 14th till the 15th of March, will be its third installment in the region, with the first being held in Singapore and the second in Indonesia in May and October 2016 respectively. The latest installment will be held in Kuala Lumpur.

The previous events saw over 165 analytical professionals from over 7 countries gather to listen to over 25 guest speakers present real life case studies, the pitfalls of analytics as well as the best practices adopted across all sectors with a one day training workshop on Machine Learning led by the infamous Dr Carol Hargreaves former Chief of Business at ISS.

Recently Accenture revealed in a paper that 89% of business leaders believe an analytics revolution, which will match the Internet revolution, is about to happen to business operations. It also revealed 85% see big data as the game changer in how they will conduct their business, while 79% say that to ignore analytics would be tantamount to becoming extinct.

The summit will be focusing on educating participants on relevant current challenges faced by professionals in analytics, through real life case studies, from world renowned brands and corporations. Participants will also find insights on best practices within analytics, overcoming pitfalls, using data protection to an advantage and how the analytics revolution is disrupting how customers will interact with businesses.

Apart from that, participants can look forward to learning how to set up an effective and efficient analytics team that will optimize analytic tools. They will also be taught on constructing effective data strategies from the ground up to be ahead of the competition while benchmarking against competitiors.

Dr Carol Anne Hargreaves, who will focus on the critical components in selecting , transforming and preparing data for modelling during the event, will be sharing insights on characteristics of different data types, the quality of the data and understanding the data to have it working in tandem with your needs.

Dr Carol who is currently Advanced Business Analytics Consultant & Data Science Expert will be conducting her workshops on the 13th and 16th of March.