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5 Tips for Choosing Your Talent Management Solution

Talent management should be an important aspect of any business strategy because it’s about managing one of the organisation’s most important assets – its people. After all, successfully recruiting, developing and retaining talented employees over the long run have been proven to drive up employee motivation and performance, which will ultimately bring tremendous benefits to the organisation itself, such as improving business performance, brand reputation and overall results.

Hence, having a talent management solution is an important business decision as it’s able to help the organisation manage its valuable human assets more effectively, automate and simplify some of the more complex, mundane and time-consuming talent management tasks.

In this article, we will share with you five tips for choosing the best talent management solution for your business.

Consistent User Interface
Make sure that the talent management solution has an intuitive and consistent user interface that is easy to navigate. Often, you’ll find vendors that offer a solution which is made up of separate components or apps serving different functions that are made to look like an “integrated solution”. The problem is it will result in many different user interfaces and become complex to use.

Having a unified, centralised platform means you won’t need to switch between the different applications to complete all of your talent management tasks, be it recruitment, onboarding, training and development, compensation, collaboration, performance management or succession.

Talent management software has traditionally been a component of big, on-prem enterprise resource planning suites. Nevertheless, just like other aspects of IT, cloud has also brought some positive changes to many of today’s talent management solutions. For instance, a cloud-enabled solution may allow you to have all the important tools you may need available anytime, anywhere, ensure that your data is better organised and you can keep up with all the latest updates.

Therefore, if you choose a cloud-based or cloud-enabled talent management solution, you can benefit from the various benefits and cost-effectiveness of the cloud, which could potentially provide a seamless and feature-rich platform for all your talent management requirements.

Look Beyond the Hype
There are certain buzzwords that you often hear in IT and with talent management systems (TMS), vendors could be working extra hard to plug their mobile, social and analytics tools. But before you get excited for these new “exciting” functions, make sure they’re able to integrate with your current IT platforms as well as fulfil the needs of your users.

For example, after seeing a product demo, you need to understand how much of the analytics and reporting tools are actually offered by the vendor out of the box and how much of it you’ll have to set up or build yourself.

 “Test Drive” The Solution
The best way for you to find out whether a system is the right fit for your organisation is to test it out. Make a shortlist of potential vendors and ask them to provide a demonstration of their systems. This will let you get a closer look of how the solutions would work in a real-world situation and you can also ask further questions regarding the finer details of implementing the solutions. Seeing it in action definitely beats just reading the marketing materials and spec sheets.

Reliable After Sales Support
It isn’t just about the features and how much the solution costs. You may not even realise how important it is to have a vendor that will respond quickly and completely until things go south and the vendor is unavailable or can’t be contacted. Try to dig up references, reviews or comments from other companies that have used the software, especially those whose talent management system needs are similar to your own.

No matter what you decide, you have to know that there is no one-size-fits-all talent management solution out there. There are plenty of choices, each with different functionalities, strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you do thorough prior research in order to find a solution that not only meets your current business needs, but also your needs in the future.