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MAMPU 48 Hour Hackathon Prize Giving


The winners of the Malaysian Administrative Mordenisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) 30 Hour Student category Hackathon and 48 Hour Adult category Hackathon was announced at the Public Sector CIO Convex 2016 also organised by MAMPU.

The hackathon saw 126 participants attending with 4 in each team from government agencies, universities, schools and private sector, to vie for the lucrative prizes of RM10,000, and RM3,000 for winners in each category and consolation prizes for runner ups.

The 48 Hour Hackathon themed ‘Unleashing The Power of Open Data for Innovation’, was held by MAMPU to bring to light the open data sets supplied by the government that are available for the public use, and to encourage further data sets to be added to the current 1,336 data sets published in the Public Sector Open data Portal. The goal is to have 7,000 data sets by the year 2020.

For this to be achieved MAMPU would need the cooperation of all government agencies to be transparent and forthcoming in sharing their data so that portal can generate more business values through community utilization and have more mobile apps generated using the data.

First place winner for the MAMPU 48Hour Hackathon was Deep Minds in the open category, first place for the college students was University Malaya and in the school category, The Malay College Kuala Kangsar took first prize.

Dato’ Sri Zainal Rahim bin Seman, Director for MAMPU in his closing address held at MCMC said the hackathon was a very interesting contest where we get to see groups of individuals coming together pitting skill, intellect and creativity while using the Open Data portal provided by the government as well as other relevant data to develop an innovative product that will potentially be used for our betterment in the future.

“This hackathon proves the importance of high quality shared open data that can be used to further develop  high quality outcomes which in turn will be used by all sectors of society be it the private or public sectors to enhance the governments services”, he added.

“I trust and believe this hackathon will be a means by which new ideas will be developed that are creative and innovative in the efforts to improve our service delivery systems by leveraging data that is transparent, sustainable and complete in further keeping with the Government’s agenda for digital transformation”.