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A clear look at your audience


Big data, that’s the phrase on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but if you’ve dealt with programmatic you know that when it comes to advertising technology, bigger isn’t always better.

A typical misjudgment of a data timeline is that it flows in, it’s stored, and then it’s analysed. This process isn’t necessarily wrong, but it doesn’t reflect the urgency of data in a time-sensitive environment. A better approach would be analyzing data, comprehensively, while it flows in.

Although long-term pattern detection is useful in its own right, post-campaign reports should be saved for the boardroom. With the instantaneous nature of social media and digital trending, understanding and responding to consumers needs to happen in real-time, and if you’re processing data slowly, in batches, without considering your full audience profile, you’re sacrificing its inherent value.

The tools of the trade  

If big data is a marathon, audience measurement is the 100m sprint, but to wrangle in your current demographics you need the right tools.  Daily reporting, cross-device measurement and audience viewability are all key to keeping track of a campaign’s metrics.

Nielsen’s new solution, Digital Ad Ratings (DAR), is capable of harnessing insights that matter, namely, the daily delivery of data from over 5 million Facebook users, full consumer profiles offering clarity for digital ad investment on-target-rates, and a cross-platform view of your digital audience and their behaviour across computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected devices. This data is organised to give publishers, advertisers and agencies alike the ability to monitor just who is viewing an ad and what can be done to ensure results.

Cherry Lau, senior director of media at Nielsen Hong Kong, says of DAR’s actionable qualities. “During a one month or one week media campaign, for example, you can always evaluate performance. If you find that your material isn’t performing well, you can shift your investment from platform A to platform B, or alter your creative. In this case you can monitor ‘in flight’ performance and change your strategy accordingly.”

Nielsen has been at the forefront of audience metrics since the company’s inception, starting with TV measurement and incorporating digital screens as they’ve propagated.

Lau went on to detail the full range of measurement opportunities DAR offers, going so far as combining digital and TV ratings—creating a total picture of audiences and bringing transparency to the whole ad ecosystem. “PC, to mobile, to TV, we cover all devices, and all platforms, we are moving quite aggressively.”

Capturing the value of incoming data is all about keeping it quick and comprehensive, “Using Nielsen’s revolutionary technology will give brand owners and publishers unparalleled visibility of online audiences on computers, tablets and smartphones across publishers where video advertising is played,” said Lau.

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