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A Holistic Approach to Digital Workspace
September 21, 2020 Blog

Article sponsored by VMware


With more companies now embracing remote operations, the value of the digital workspace has risen tremendously. Digital workspaces enable employees to be more productive, as work can now be done anywhere, whether at home or a cafe, on any device, at any time.

However, the implementation of a digital workspace is more than just deploying a remote setup for the workforce. It utilises a combination of various current and emerging technologies to be fully implemented across the whole operation of a business, involving IT infrastructure modernisation and cloud-enabled operations. Companies also need to make improvements to their IT architecture and evolve their business processes to cope with this digital transformation and fulfil the digital needs of all their employees.

By employing a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT, you’ll be able to enhance the workforce’s mobility, flexibility and productivity, which will inevitably drive innovation.

The VMworld 2020 virtual conference, running from 30th September to 1st October, will explore the future of the digital workspace and ways businesses can empower their distributed workforce for today’s ‘new normal’. Among the topics that will be covered in the “Digital Workspace Track” will include:

  • Tips to help you boost your “modern management mojo”, take a cloud-first management strategy and discover modern deployment best practices.
  • Learn how to architect for VDI success and hear from top experts for real conversations around the industry, innovations and skillsets.
  • Deliver the best employee experience, engage employees and transform business processes with VMware.

This track will feature VMware experts such as Shawn Bass, Vice President and CTO of End-User Computing, Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, End-User Computing and Brian Madden, Lead Field Technologist, End User Computing.

By joining this digital workspace track, you will have a deeper understanding of the ways of enabling employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device without compromising security. Learn how to take advantage of today’s cloud-based management technologies, as digital workspace solutions can empower your business to deliver the apps and data that employees need and provide out of the box experiences that scale across platforms, locations and device ownership models.

To attend the conference, click here.