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A Path to Intelligent Digitalisation: Cloudera Sessions 2020
October 9, 2020 News


Businesses are facing significant disruption and changes as well as uncertainties today, requiring substantial revisions to normal operations which are now increasingly carried out digitally and remotely.

Over the past few months work from home has pretty much become the norm, customers are more connected to the Internet than ever and engagement with co-workers, customers and partners have moved to the virtual space. Better collaboration and immediate access to data have become something businesses have had to learn to deliver quickly so that they could adapt, streamline processes and accommodate to new ways of doing things.

But there is a positive to come out of all this disruption. As the famous saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Businesses are now looking more closely at emerging technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the promises they provide for innovation, better insights and data-driven success. Getting to these goals, however, requires the right tools and strategies to ensure that organisations do not end up with data that leads them astray.

At Cloudera Sessions 2020 ASEAN: Navigating the Data Storm, attendees will have answers to how they can be better prepared to deal with this deluge of data flooding every enterprise and leverage powerful disruptive technologies in their digital transformation journey.

Discover how you can address the biggest obstacles enterprises typically face with enterprise AI implementation, such as the complexity, siloed AI and ML workflows and technology stacks – all of which introduce various issues and risk. Learn the secrets of making the whole process of building, scaling and deploying enterprise Machine Learning automated, repeatable and predictable.

At Cloudera Sessions, thought leaders, experts, engineers and evangelists from Cloudera and other big names in the industry will share ways you can ensure your AI and ML implementations are a success and turn data into decisions, at any scale, anywhere.

Among the topics that will be discussed include “The ideal AI Stack: Enhancing Models Through Human Intelligence” by Tricia Wang, Global Tech Ethnographer, who will speak about the key to unlocking real-world applications – which is when data scientists can work with domain experts to integrate their human intelligence to improve their models and be closer to delivering that promise.

Manoj Shanmugasundaram (Principal SE, Cloudera) and Dr David Hardoon (Senior Advisor Data & AI – Union Bank) will further discuss how to effectively build a repeatable and scalable “AI factory” for end-to-end Machine Learning workflows while maintaining data governance and control infrastructure costs. They will also be sharing their experiences in building AI/ML use cases in the financial services sector.

Cloud computing is also one of the most important technologies today as systems and operations are migrated from on-prem infrastructure to the cloud. Join Mark Lagatao (AI/ML Lead – Globe Telecom), who will share his experience in using the public cloud to manage and secure data lakes, self-service analytics and ML services. Another engaging discussion you can look forward to will involve Wing Leong Ho (SE Director – Cloudera) and Ching Yue Lee (Big Data Solution Architect – Dell EMC), in a session that highlights the ways enterprises can meet their data needs with the speed, agility and cost-efficiency of a cloud-native architecture.

By the end of the conference, IT, analytics and technical leaders, as well as data administrators and AI practitioners will learn how they can leverage virtually unlimited quantities and varieties of data to power better decision making.

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