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ABEJA and SMRT to Collaborate on Deep Learning Initiatives


ABEJA Singapore Pte. Ltd., a local subsidiary company of ABEJA, Inc.(ABEJA), a provider of AI solutions leveraging machine learning, and SMRT Momentum Ventures Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SMRT Corporation Ltd.,(SMRT), a major public transport company in Singapore, have announced collaboration, and started R&D utilizing Deep Learning technology in the safety management area of transportation industry.

ABEJA’s core service is the ABEJA Platform, which is delivered as PaaS (Platform as a Service). It leverages ML technology in data gathering, annotation, learning, deployment, inference and relearning in a variety of fields. To date, more than 150 companies have adopted the platform. ABEJA uses the platform to provide its retail industry store analysis solution, ABEJA Insight for Retail, to more than 100 corporate customers and in over 520 stores, primarily leading Japanese retailers and distributors.

Since ABEJA Singapore began business in April 2017, it has put its core technology, “ABEJA Platform,” to good use in leveraging the AI social implementation know-how (including deep learning) that it has developed within Japan, working collaboratively with local companies, including academic institutions, the manufacturing industry, the infrastructure industry and the healthcare industry, in the Republic of Singapore and other ASEAN nations.

Through this collaboration, ABEJA and SMRT aim to provide safer transportation and prevent accidents by utilizing Deep Learning technology

“It is our pleasure that ABEJA’s technology can contribute to the development of the infrastructure industry, in which securing safety weighs heavily on people’s lives,” said Naoki Tonogi, Managing Director of ABEJA Singapore. “This collaboration with SMRT complies with ABEJA’s philosophy “Implement a Fruitful World”, and through the successful collaboration we would like to target business growth not only in the Republic of Singapore but also in the entire ASEAN.”

Together with SMRT, ABEJA Singapore would like to create an advanced example that contributes to the reinforcement of social infrastructure foundation, which is an issue for overall ASEAN, and will keep working on promoting industrial structure reform.