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Adapt Today, Move Forward Tomorrow With App Modernisation
September 14, 2020 Blog

Article sponsored by VMware


With the ever-growing digital transformation in every industry right now, there is one aspect businesses need to especially address – their legacy systems. Outdated operations often involve costly, time-consuming and resource-intensive processes and that’s not actually what you should be aiming for in today’s environment.

The fact is that modern applications are enabling Asia’s innovation economy. In the words of Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, these days, “nearly every business places massive expectations on the essential applications and services that drive new, innovative offerings, shape customer relationships and drive revenue growth and establish competitive differentiation”.

If you do not modernise, you cannot guarantee that your business can adapt to today’s changes, and will struggle in the future.

Your goal in app modernisation is to create new values to your company’s existing systems, so in that way, your businesses will respond to immediate changes, adapt to the new normal and move forward in the future. Application modernisation aligns your business in the current landscape of digital transformation, ensuring that your company will not sink but stay afloat in the sea of changes happening today and will happen in the future.

VMware has been helping businesses around the world to deliver powerful essential applications for over 20 years. If you would like to learn more, one of the main tracks for this year’s VMworld virtual conference, held from 30th September to 1st October, will focus on the topic of application modernisation. Featured speakers will include experts from VMware – Joe Beda, Principal Engineer, Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Modern Applications Platform Business Unit, and James Watters, Chief Technology Officer of the Modern Application Platforms Business Unit.

The VMware App Modernisation track will address key topics including Kubernetes and microservices as well as the tools you need to quickly and securely build, run and manage your cloud-native apps or modernise your current apps and infrastructure.

Through the sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Build new cloud-native applications with microservices and APIs
  • Modernise existing applications for more security and resiliency
  • Shorten the path to production and drive new innovation to customers

Application modernisation is essential for business and digital transformation success.

Register now for the VMworld conference to learn more and be part of this unique online global experience.