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Advantech and Timesys Partner to Accelerate and Simplify Secure Internet of Things, Embedded System Product Development

Advantech, a leading global manufacturer of ruggedized embedded computing products, services and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, and Timesys Corporation, industry pioneer and leading provider of embedded, open source development tools and engineering services, today announced the partnership of both corporations, providing a new bundled offering for accelerating development of Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded systems with powerful new security capabilities.

The “Reduce Risk with RISC” offer will enable developers of devices for the Internet of Things, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 and other embedded device applications to bring Advantech RISC-based products to market faster with strong security that does not compromise application performance. The program will also ensure that released products in production can maintain the needed security posture to protect mission critical enterprise systems and applications into the future.

Combined with the company’s comprehensive development portfolio, Timesys’ new Security Services Solution, which includes Security Vulnerability and  Patch Notification Services, provides a complete development solution that enables device developers to bring open source-based products to market that are “Secure by Design” and that “Stay Secure” throughout the product lifecycle.

The “Reduce Risk with RISC” partnership makes Timesys Security Services available to product developers utilizing select RISC-based platforms from Advantech.

“Security of a device’s software and systems has never been more critical, with the heightened breach environment and tightening security requirements around the world,” said Atul Bansal, Timesys CEO. “Gone are the days when security can be an afterthought or be sacrificed altogether to get products to market faster. Today’s embedded systems support applications and processes that are critical to an enterprise’s operations and must be secure.”

“To reorganize the ecosystem, we are not only driving the unification in hardware and software, but we are introducing partners into this ecosystem in order to bring more add-on features in application development and complete the last mile to market. We believe Arm technology deserves to be shared, and our unified hardware, software and services will enable a brand-new collaboration model in the Arm market,” said Miller Chang, Advantech President and VP of Embedded IoT Group. “Strong, effective security for products built using our platforms is essential to this mission, which is why this partnership with Timesys is an important enhancement for our customers.”