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AI For Everyone And Everything
August 5, 2016 News

Artificial Intelligence has leapfrogged towards becoming part of the human evolution and might even just leapfrog the human race in many ways. There seems to be a mad dash to developing a robot that imitates and takes over mundane human functions, as well as to make quantum speed decisions that’s based on an exponential amount of data.

From the UK all the way to the continent of Australia, AI sentiment has become a hotly contested and debated topic.

Ani, the latest invention from start-up Black AI in Australia, is one more addition to the puzzle that is able to detect and gather events and insights into human environments by recognising and analysing individual social behaviours. Its system is based on big data analytics and deciphering enormous amounts of data, feeding it back to us in simple form. It was created to not just see and understand the world, but to make it a better place as well.

Black AI, as it is with many start-ups in this big data era, began as a team participating in a hackathon. For the uninitiated, hackathons are where teams or groups of people are given data to write programs and find new and innovative solutions to current world problems using their imagination and hacking skills. Anything from disease prevention to better lifestyles or better AI’s. That was where the inspiration to build an Ani to ‘see’ the world happened.

AI’s such as Ani are the next big step to creating intelligent cities. From interpreting our everyday movements and interactions to understanding the connections we have with different people.

Their capabilities are limitless. Pretty soon they will be able to replace other data gatherers in places where a person will need to manually monitor a situation, allowing saved time, facilitating lowered maintenance costs as well as lowering costs due to human error.  For a more accurate analysis, some AI’s are able to use satellites to mine data on human sentiment in real time.

Other areas AI can be found useful are at nursing homes and hospitals where patients will have round-the-clock monitoring, providing immediate response in case of emergencies and able to provide doctors with accurate and steady flow of updates on patients.

Traffic congestion and parking systems can be better managed as traffic flow can be monitored where high and low flows can be predicted. That would include entertainment locations and peak seasons. Giving the management a heads-up on where to place more personnel, food and drink booths or to open up more lanes for queues.

The retail sector can benefit tremendously through analysis from demographics. Stock and sales charts, popular locations and products will give the management clear indications on where to highlight and place advertisements that can garner the best response. Sentiments on their different products can be tabulated and updated based on customer real time demands. Cutting the B2C distance, making it very personalised.

The analysis and data procuring isn’t AI’s main function though. Its ability to read into those situations and make suggestions for possible solutions is what makes AI worth all the effort. The idea is for AI to give suggestions and reminders for appointments and deadlines, better traffic routes, safer medications or even prognosis on ailments. Here is where AI steamrolls ahead of any data collection app or program.

As for the new born Black AI and Ani? The team will be heading over to compete in the Microsoft Worldwide Imagine Cup finals where the latest in AI and big data innovations will be seen and brought out in the open for the world to see.

It’s a mad dash no doubt, but one that everyone wins.