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AIBotics Go-Digital Series 2020 Showcases AI and Robotic Innovations to Augment Human Potential
August 4, 2020 News


Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association (APARA), a non-profit organisation founded to facilitate adoption and augmentation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, today announced AIBotics Go-Digital Series 2020, an AI and Robotics event themed around ‘Augmenting the Human Potential’, will be launched between August and November 2020, aiming to facilitate the increasing dependency on AI technology into improving human lives.

An international event endorsed and supported by the International Alliance of Robotics Associations (IARA) and a number of global and regional partners including the University of Oxford, the ASEAN Smart Cities Network, Japan Science & Technology Agency, the Malaysian Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Association, among others, AIBotics Go-Digital Series 2020 reviews ethical and responsible AI and robotics innovations through webinars and a virtual exhibition 24 hours a day, seven days a week from August for four months, bringing together renowned industry experts as well as a number of projects and innovative solutions from all around the world.

To enable a smart, seamless and sustainable digital conferencing experience, APARA is collaborating with Tencent Cloud, the official conferencing solution provider of AIBotics Go-Digital Series 2020, to bring visitors and delegates a series of power-packed webinars and a virtual exhibition through Tencent Cloud Conference (TCC) solutions which have been widely adopted by local and overseas organisations and enterprises at online and digital business conferences, annual meetings, road shows, lectures, industry forums, among others.

“As we adjust to the ‘new normal’ brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, AI has also become much more mainstream while allowing gatherings and business meetings to be held amid current circumstances. We are excited to present AIBotics Go-Digital Series 2020, highlighting how AI and Robotics can truly augment human potential, which is a timely message in light of the virus-related disruptions globally,” said Shanlynn Lee, President of APARA.

“One of the benefits of us going online this year is that unlike conventional conferences, we will be serving our visitors from all around the world for the whole duration of the event, without closing for business, with seamless digital conferencing support from Tencent Cloud. What’s more, visitors can simply register with AIBotics Go-Digital to have access to the webinars and the virtual exhibition, a marketplace that never sleeps, for four months, so they can take their time and come back again and again to see all the exhibits even after the event with no rush,” Ms. Lee added.

Featuring speakers from the UK, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Korea amongst many other countries, AIBotics Go-Digital Series 2020 aims to drive and showcase AI and Robotics applications across a variety of sectors, address issues in its development and offer recommendations for utilising such applications with the protection of important human values in mind.

Other event highlights include:

  • Enables its participants to understand more about the implementation of AI and Robotics across a wide range of enterprises via the most progressive end-users, first-class speakers and innovative solution providers.
  • Structured to achieve eight outcomes from eight key themes delivered by eight partners during eight webinars sessions, including Human-Machine Collaboration, Applying AI in Smart Cities, Digital Workforce, Collaborative Retail, and many more.
  • Features technology exhibitors with services ranging from AI, Machine Learning and Neural Nets, to Big Data Analytics and Cloud/Edge Computing, Cybersecurity and Blockchain and Virtual/Augmented Reality.
  • Highly recommended for technologists, investors, developers, product managers, company executives, entrepreneurs, government regulators and policy makers, among others.

The first webinar will feature the University of Oxford’s Sir Nigel Shadbolt who will talk about ‘Human Machine Collaboration’ on August 6, followed by Dr. Norihiro Suzuki of Hitachi Ltd who will share the vision of a human-centric smart city, on August 20.  For registration or more information about the webinar schedule, please visit