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AirAsia committed to strengthening Asean presence through BigPay


Airasia Bhd is committed to strengthening its presence in Asean through its e-money application, BigPay.

Group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes said the group’s aim when introducing the application was to bring transparency in spending as well as financial services.

“There are a lot of similarities between AirAsia and the financial technology world. With this, travel can be easier and involves less cost,” he said in his speech at Money 20/20 in Singapore and shared through his Twitter account.

He added that most existing customers using AirAsia flights were involved in currency exchange and at times, problems occurred, during transaction.

“By using BigPay, remittance charges can be reduced and will make travelling much easier,” Fernandes said.

BigPay which now has about 300,000 users is a fully licenced e-money issuer and collaborates with Mastercard. Users will enjoy real currency exchange rates with BigPay at no extra costs.

Users will also receive exclusive AirAsia benefits when using the BigPay card, such as zero payment processing fees and discounts on pre-booked check-in luggage and in-flight meals.