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AirAsia taps Google Cloud for machine learning, artificial intelligence


Low-cost carrier AirAsia has teamed up with Google Cloud to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) in the airline’s business operations.

In an emailed statement, AirAsia said it will work with Google Cloud to drive better demand forecasting and more targeted marketing, provide a more personalized experience for customers, and maximize operational efficiency.

“Google Cloud enables us to make full use of the data we own, opening up new opportunities and enabling us to build new businesses,” said AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes.

“We are building two big platforms:, which will be our one-stop digital travel platform where our customers can book their travel needs from flights, accommodation, tours, ground transport to entertainments; and BigLife, our lifestyle site which will be like Kayak, Tripadvisor, Groupon, and eBay rolled into one,” he explained.

According to AirAsia, its technical team will work with Google Cloud engineers to solve business scenarios and gain a solid foundation in artificial intelligence.

The airline will also enroll its technical teams in the same program Google Cloud uses to train its engineers, which will allow AirAsia to build on its own internal machine learning expertise.