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Alibaba Group, Nvidia to Collaborate for Big Data Push in China
February 12, 2016 Blog big data

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AliCloud and Nvidia will work together to develop China’s first ever GPU-based cloud computing platform

In a rapidly growing e-commerce market, China has recently seen quite a lot of action in its cloud services industry. One such cloud service is Alibaba Group Holding Inc.’s (NYSE:BABA) AliCloud. Formerly known as Aliyun, AliCloud serves the cloud computing needs of the company and clients alike. AliCloud’s clients primarily consist of businesses functioning abroad as well as small-time entrepreneurs working in China.

AliCloud President Simon Hu announced that the company would launch ‘Big Data Platform’ in China, with the system initially offering 20 services and facilitating all steps of the data development chain including analysis, processing, machine learning, and data application and computing engine. The system basically breaks down otherwise complex data sets into simple form with the use of ultra-high performance computers that spot trends, associations and patterns in the data to suggest possible solutions.

While AliCloud is widely expected to partner up with a large number of data developers in the coming years to expand its ‘Big Data Platform’, its parent company announced a new association with American technology company NVIDIA Corp. (NASDAQ:NVDA) which specializes in software chips for mobile computers and Graphic Processing units (GPU).

Together, the companies aim to develop China’s first ever GPU based ultra-high performance cloud computing platform. Such a platform could immensely help start-up companies as well as larger organizations in fulfilling their cloud computing needs in a more accessible manner.

Nvidia’s Vice-President of Worldwide Sales, Shankar Trivedi believes AliCloud could lead the cloud computing services segment in China with GPU-accelerated computing services on AliCloud. The company will be able to provide its clients, especially emerging start-up companies, with efficient and prompt cloud computing facilities to aid their operations, .

A report by Forrester Research justifies these moves by AliCloud as the study forecasts that the domestic market for cloud computing and related services could grow as much as double of what was speculated last year, with the industry well worth a cool $3.8 billion by the year 2020.

While multiple analysts have shown quite a high degree of confidence in AliCloud having the widest range of alliances and public cloud services among Chinese service providers, popular opinion pegs the company’s latest big data push to directly compete with Beijing Data Tang Technology’s subsidiary, Data Mall, which does something quite similar to AliCloud’s offerings.