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Altair to Accelerate Global Footprint in AEC with Acquisition of S-FRAME Software, Powerful Structural Analysis and Design Software
August 11, 2021 News

Altair, the global leader in converging simulation, HPC and AI,  announced recently that it has acquired S-FRAME Software, a structural analysis software platform used by engineers to evaluate a structure’s ability to withstand external loads, like wind, water and snow, and meet design code requirements around the world.

For more than 30 years, high-end architectural clients have utilised Altair’s sophisticated technology, which is also used to design high-tech modern aircraft and automobiles, to develop some of the world’s most innovative and iconic structures. Using S-FRAME Software’s finite element structural analysis and code support with Altair’s high-fidelity structural optimisation solutions will allow architects and civil engineers to be more innovative and bring their visions to life while adhering to local code requirements. The acquisition of S-FRAME Software will also strengthen and accelerate Altair’s global standing in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

According to CIMdata, the leader in product lifecycle (PLM) education and research, “the AEC segment will be one of the fastest-growing segments of the PLM market with a 14.7% CAGR to $11 billion in 2025”.

“We are excited to expand our presence in the rapidly growing AEC market to lead the transformation from rule-based design to predictive, high-performance design fueled by simulation”, said James Scapa, founder and CEO of Altair. “By using highly sophisticated performance-based, predictive simulation, architects and designers will be able to be more creative, fueling innovation while increasing safety”.

As an AEC innovator for many years, S-FRAME Software’s integrated solutions make it possible to analyse, design and detail structures regardless of geometric complexity, loading conditions, nonlinear effects, design code requirements or material type, including steel, concrete, composites or mass timbre, which is one of the hottest in sustainable building materials.

S-FRAME Software has been a leading advocate in using timbre in building design as the material offers sustainability through greenhouse gas reduction and other environmental benefits, like insulation and architectural aesthetics. S-FRAME Software also allows users to produce comprehensive and detailed design reports that include clause references and intermediate results for multiple design code support.

“Joining the Altair team is a strategic way to accelerate our growth and become part of a full solutions suite with their advanced structural design offerings”, said Marinos Stylianou, the CEO of S-FRAME Software. “We are confident our combined offerings will be able to empower engineers, designers, and builders to reach new heights”.

S-FRAME Software will be available via Altair Units, Altair’s patented, subscription-based licencing model, which allows organisations to pay only for what their employees need, when they need it.