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Anchanto hoping to build on its presence in APAC
March 2, 2020 News


With a myriad of SaaS providers in the region, companies are looking for the best values when it comes to picking the right solutions, be it SMEs or enterprises. SaaS providers also want to ensure they have solutions that can bring significant changes to an organisation.

Now, when it comes to warehouse and inventory management, it’s pretty much a different ball game. Companies today are looking to leverage technologies like blockchain that provide transparency in everything that is done. At the same time, some companies provide simplified backend operations, enabling organisations to achieve better productivity through automated selling management.

One such company is Anchanto. As a global technology company, SaaS solution for brands, retailers, SMEs, e-commerce enablers, third-party logistics providers, e-warehouses and postal associations, Anchanto serves a massive customer base comprising of global players (including three Fortune 500 companies) such as DHL and Nestle. In Malaysia, the company has formed cooperative ventures with notable enterprises such as Pos Malaysia, MYDIN, Sen Heng and Luxasia.

With Anchanto’s platforms, their customers manage over 58 million+ stock-keeping units (SKUs) and 102 million+ listings having processed 39 million+ orders with a combined Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of nearly US $1.31 billion via Anchanto platforms.

According to Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO of Anchanto, the company has grown phenomenally in Malaysia and has seen great adoption by homegrown Malaysian Brands, retailers, SMEs and 3PLs. With Malaysia, an extremely mature & rapidly growing market in terms of eCommerce when compared to other markets in Southeast Asia, the country has a superior internet penetration backed with stable payment systems, exceptional infrastructure, and favourable government policies.

Yet, Vaibhav said the market is fragmented and still far from being as advanced as it is supposed to be as businesses in Malaysia have struggled for long due to this fragmentation, and this is precisely the reason why Anchanto find themselves positioned brilliantly in this market.

With that said, Anchanto’s innovative, robust and scalable serves more than 8000 businesses across APAC. This growth, Vaibhav pointed out, is also attributed to efforts in providing localised and personalised support to all Anchanto’s clients.

“We make sure that we handhold our each and every customer, right from when they sign up with us to after they start using the platform on a daily basis. And we take immense pride in the fact that we have enabled all our customers to digitise their operations and eventually scale their revenue. We have received some of the most amazing testimonies from our customers and three of our customers have invested in us till date. I believe this is the highest form of eulogy received for our products, processes, and workflows.”


Malaysian eCommerce landscape

In the past few years, Malaysia has witnessed fierce competition amongst eCommerce businesses. In order to get ahead of competitors, these businesses regularly run promotional campaigns across multiple eCommerce sales channels. But with enterprises being present on multiple channels, backend operations such as maintaining IT integrations, syndicating Product Information Management (PIM), distributing catalogues, managing inventory, orders, and promotions etc. becomes a massive challenge for these businesses. These challenges get even bigger during special sale seasons such as Chinese New Year, 11.11, 12.12, and Christmas when the order volumes are exceptionally huge.

Vaibhav highlighted that during such periods, businesses usually face issues such as overselling, underselling, stock mismatch, and order fulfilment delays, returns, cancellations, delivery errors, amongst others. This does not only attracts marketplace penalties but also impacts the brand’s image negatively.

“Anchanto helps businesses to streamline and run highly successful promotional campaigns across multiple channels from a centralised platform. Businesses can easily plan large scale campaigns by syncing orders and stock, processing orders, managing listings, generating reports, and much more without having to manage multiple seller centres/backend panels. With real-time insights and automated operations management, businesses are able to plan and run massive campaigns across channels and optimise them in real-time for maximum profits.”

Additionally, he highlighted Anchanto Wareo, the full suite e-Warehouse Management System ensures that businesses are able to sync their multichannel operations with their warehousing & logistics processes in real-time. This ensures a superfast order fulfilment time, with marketplace orders being received directly at the warehouse.
With all this data and managing millions of stock-keeping units, the next thing that comes to mind is the security of a platform in dealing with modern-day threats. To this, Vaibhav commented that Anchanto performs regular tests and audits to ensure that their platforms remain safe and secure and free from all threats. They also work with the best external consultants and companies to make sure they make their system completely secure from all sorts of threats.

Having received fresh funding from one of their existing investors, Anchanto are now primarily focussing on adding more innovative features to their current platforms.

“We are also working on two more products that we plan to launch later this year. We are also investing massively in providing more personalised services to our customers, so that we are able to take the ‘anchanting’ experience to the next level.”