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Andaz Singapore gets chatty with digital concierge system


Andaz Singapore has partnered with Vouch to develop and launch the ConcierGO programme, a digital concierge system that functions as a chatbot with artificial intelligence through the hotel’s Facebook messenger account.

Besides helping the team answer everyday queries about the hotel, the chatbot serves as a guide, providing curated tours, recommendations for various food haunts and interesting activities in the neighbourhood. This is expected to help Andaz Singapore improve manpower productivity and enhance the service experience for guests.

Currently in the first phase, phase two of the project will see the chatbot managing guests’ basic room requests through an integration with the hotel’s direct logistics system.

“Andaz Singapore has always believed in providing a fresh perspective for our guests. Being the first hotel in Singapore to implement the chatbot onto our social media platforms, we are creating a barrier-less environment for us to engage with guests and potential guests alike.”

This endeavour was supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), which launched the Tourism Innovation Challenge for Hotels last year to crowd-source novel solutions that address the challenges and opportunities faced by hotel and travel agency industries.