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AOPG, JET and Sunway University to Hold First Ever Low-Code-A-Thon
October 4, 2021 Blog


For so long, the world of app development was the domain of only a few—that elite group versed in the oft-complicated world of coding, which has always been the venerable backbone of making apps.  But that is no longer the case nowadays thanks to what’s called low code, which is stripping away little by little the complexities that go with creating an app and is thus making the process more accessible, even to laypeople.

The whole point about low code and no code is that anyone can create apps.

To hammer that point home, Disruptive Tech Asean of has teamed up with Sunway University and Jet Workflow to launch the words first “Low-Code-A-Thon.

Starting from the 10th of October, we are giving the students of Sunway University (from non-coding arts students through to IT undergrads) the chance to make their own apps using low code.  

This competition aims to demonstrate the advantages of using low code and show our next wave of graduates due to enter the workforce that app development which powers digital transformation can and should be in the hands of us all.

The competition cold not have been made possible without the generous support of JET Workflow, 7-Network’s flagship software that enables users to create mobile apps easily,

Sunway University, Malaysia’s leading, not-for-profit private university and a pioneer in quality education has jumped at the chance to get involve and open the door to of this brave new world to their current batch of eager students.

The use of JET Workflow’s Low Code Cloud platform for the Low-Code-A-Thon will allow the students to develop their own apps using a visual template and drag-and-drop functionalities in a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface which will be accessible on mobile platforms as well as desktops.

An easy way to understand low code is to think of flat-pack furniture, furniture that comes with its different parts already pre-made for you but disassembled into several separate pieces. With the different parts made beforehand, all you have to do is assemble them by following a set of very specific instructions outlined in a manual that comes with the package.

The idea behind it is that you will be able to make your own furniture even with limited skills in furniture-making. This is the same concept as in low code, and it strips away the complexities of app-making to make the process less time- and labour-extensive.

As you may have figured out by now, the Low-Code-A-Thon is an app-making competition but using JET Workflow’s Low Code Cloud platform instead of traditional coding-based app development processes. In AOPG’s Low-Code-A-Thon, students will only have to think of an idea for an app and then enter the competition proper. Thereafter, each student will be given exclusive access to the JET Workflow Low Code Cloud so they can work on and develop their aps with ease.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful to both the Disruptive Tech Asean team at AOPG and Sunway University. It is always a great honour to partner with esteemed organisations, especially for a worthy cause, like this first-ever Low-Code-A-Thon,” said Jin Chong, Founder of JET Workflow. “It will tap into the creativity, tech-savvy and competitive spirit of the Malaysian people, and we are expecting an enthusiastic response.  We are also excited to see what apps the participants will come up with.”

The winners of this first, and hopefully would-be annual Low-Code-A-Thon, will be announced on the 13th of November, 2021. The grand champion will receive RM1,000, while the first and second runners-up will take home RM500 and RM250, respectively. The announcement of winners will coincide with a webinar especially organised by DSA and JET Workflow. The competition is only open to current students of Sunway University.

“[The] Low-Code-A-Thon is a great opportunity for the participants to learn more about low code and then apply this learning right away,” said Andrew Martin, Group Publisher of AOPG. “Learning low code is very timely and relevant nowadays as low code lowers the barrier to entry in terms of app development. Thus, those who know low code will be at an advantage in this time of digital transformation.”

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