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Are Jobs Really At Risk As AI Grows
August 10, 2018 Blog

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quite hard to comprehend, but at the same time, with bated breath, we wait for the next industry or technology that AI will consume with its unabated hunger. From the recent announcements of Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) manned flights to cancer treatment facilities and even launch the of AI that improves the humdrum of the work lawyers do as they pore over their law journals, AI has dipped its feet in numerous fields and made significant changes.

However, this has left a burning question on the minds of those directly affected by what AI is replacing. The human touch. How will the job market be affected and what will the fallout be.

A recent survey by MIT Technology Review recently compared 19 major studies examining predicted job losses and found that the number of jobs lost globally from direct impact with AI vary from 1.8 million to two billion. What this means is that the data isn’t enough to make the judgement on the outcome of the impact AI will make.

What this also means is that the road to the future isn’t set in stone.

The job market may even gain from some AI technologies. For instance, with the operation of drones. While the era of flying taxis may not be too far-fetched anymore and the humble drone has been elevated from a cheap toy to a trillion-dollar industry, AI has opened numerous avenues for simple businesses to grasp this technology for their own. Using drones as a marketing tool, or even as a lucrative mode of transporting goods efficiently, organisations have a lot to gain from them. With simple skill training, many job opportunities for drone handlers would be available.

The drone is expanding as it is easily adapted and modified to fit to scale while the automated flight can be pre-programmed for running simple errands for as long as the battery lasts. The list for the capacity of drones is endless and limited only to the imagination of its bearer. Therefore, growing the job market for their handlers as well.

The same can be said for driverless cars using AI, or the AI that helps doctors find the best and most potent curative solution for cancer. With a human touch, these technologies can be made to not only be used for the betterment of mankind but as a way to improve job opportunities as the skills needed would be easily learned.

Every business person needs to seriously consider how this new technology will impact their organisation and how their staff need to be prepared for the coming changes. The speed of technology today leaves no one with time to wait for the right moment. Change is not only inevitable; it is what is necessary for the business to survive. With trusted employees and the best tech available today, what more could be better for the business to thrive.

Yes, the status-quo job market is at risk. But only because AI is modifying it so that the business and its employees can position themselves to gain much more.

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