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Are We Doing the Right Things with Technology?


The Dell Technologies World Expo wasn’t shy of celebrities as rapper and music producer Will.I.Am attended one of the panel sessions. The founder and CEO of, a Hollywood-based technology company that aims to create technology hits that disrupt the pop culture and built on AI, Will was part of a panel session titled “Optimisation and Happiness in The Digital Edge”. The session included Brynn Putnam, Founder and CEO of Mirror and Allison Dew, CEO of Dell Technologies, and moderated by Time Deputy Editor, Eben Shapiro.

Will was vocal in voicing his views on the importance of technology, especially with AI and data becoming highly influential in the decisions we make. He said that “we are just on the corner” of reaching our fullest potential and to fully see the full potential of AI and being data-driven, we need to have enough regulations on data and AI.

An avid user of technology in music himself, Will, together with the other panellists, believed that technology plays an important role in not just shaping the future, but also in mapping how we as humans interact with one another using technology.

Referring to music as technology, Will was talking about the ways in which we have listened to music over the years, from radios to iPods, were disruptive. But he also pointed out that it was through these disruptions that everyone made their fortune as well.

Looking towards the future, while investments in technology continue to pour in, Will firmly states that investments in communities, especially the youth is not enough.

“As much I like and am inspired by technology, I blame the problem at technology companies.”

“We haven’t invested in humanity to keep up with intelligent machines.”  There are distractions everywhere among kids today. They are hooked onto mobile devices all the time. “The engagement in crazy.”

The panellists concluded that technology, while growing at its fastest and most innovative pace, eventually needs to look at the real needs of humanity.

“We need technology that’s good for people! Not business,” he said to tremendous applause from the audience members.