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Artificial Solutions’ Chatbot Promoted to Key Online Sales Role at Škoda
February 25, 2020 News


Artificial Solutions® the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced that Škoda has promoted its digital assistant, Laura, to be the exclusive online contact for customers configuring the car of their dreams and booking a test drive.

Škoda has further developed its Teneo®, based chatbot to guide customers through the car selection process with the help of partner Cognizant. On top of this, using her in-depth knowledge on all of Škoda’s models, Laura delivers advice on car specifics giving customers confidence that they are making the correct decisions for their individual needs. By booking the customer a test drive, Laura then completes the sales interaction with the closest matched vehicle at the nearest dealer.

“Every website visitor is a potential customer. Therefore, we need to ensure that both our cars and our brand values shine through by delivering an exciting and engaging user experience,” says Michal Reichl, Product Owner of Chatbot Laura Digital Assistant at Škoda. “Teneo has allowed us to achieve this with ease and Laura’s proven success with customers has enabled us to move her into a key online sales role.”

Laura takes center stage on Škoda’s website when a customer clicks to request an offer or book a test drive and guide the customer to finalise both actions. Making Laura a central tool in pre-sales support demonstrates the powerful effect that conversational AI can have in engaging customers online.

“Digital assistants are becoming increasingly relevant nowadays in designing advanced digital user experiences and filling the customer journey gaps,” says Marko Mandic, Practice Lead for AI Strategy Consulting at Cognizant. “Teneo allows enterprises to deliver outstanding conversational AI applications that drive customers through optimized business processes. The best part is the wealth of information and analytics from conversations that are providing insights used to further improve the customer experience and drive revenue.”

Teneo is Artificial Solutions award-winning platform that provides everything an enterprise needs to rapidly build advanced, conversational AI applications in over 35 languages that run across any channel, device or service. The inclusion of data analytics within Teneo enables organisations to move beyond basic business intelligence and offer customers greater personalisation, targeted recommendations and predictive AI models.

“Assigning such a key role to a digital assistant demonstrates the positive influence chatbots can have when engaging with customers, providing they are capable of intelligent conversation and action,” says Joel Plazzotta, Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re delighted to be continuing our relationship with Škoda and Cognizant and look forward to helping Laura develop further as she is rolled-out across the globe.”