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Asia Online Brought Six Content Marketing Experts into One Room – Here is What Happened
July 2, 2019 News


Marketing professionals, public relations executives and C-level executives came together for AOPG’s Content and Digital Marketing Powwow event at ADAX, Bangsar South. The one-day event saw guests listening to various speakers talk about their marketing strategies and how they could improve their content digitally.

In her opening speech, Melina Hwang, General Manager of AOPG said the event served as a thank you to AOPG’s customers for their continued support as well as a sharing session for attendees to discuss how they can improve their digital marketing strategies. It was also an opportunity for AOPG to strengthen its relationship with customers and meet new potential customers as well.

“As a specialist IT publisher, we believe we are experts in our niche, but there are many other facets to building and syndicating spellbinding digital content,” said Melina.

Among the presenters at the event included Ai Ching Goh, CEO of Piktochart, Andrew Martin, co-founder of AOPG, Faisal Hourani, founder of WebMedic, Carliff Rizal Carleel, Founder of Chatbot Malaysia, Vaijayanthi Narasimhan, Product Marketing Manager of Zoho Corporation and Yuh Wen Foong, Founder and CEO of SushiVid.

Piktochart started the sessions with an interesting presentation by Ai Ching. She spoke about how businesses can use visual communication to supercharge their content marketing. She explained that while there is more content being produced today, the consumption of content doesn’t grow as fast.

She highlighted that businesses need to take the right approaches to market their digital content. This includes using the right keywords that generate high traffic, making visual tutorials, picking an audience and creating guides, having a beautifully designed gallery, creating tools for users and having in-depth reports.

Next up was AOPG’s Andrew Martin who spoke about creating content that is clear, concise and compelling. Andrew explained the importance of having content that is not only clear but accurate in getting the message through to the reader. Using the right terms and words to cater to the audience can make a big difference in how the content is perceived.

WebMedic’s Faisal continued the session with how businesses need to create content and webpages that max out conversions and download. By applying more eye-catching fonts and colours to certain parts of a webpage, businesses can find users spending more time on their sites.

The afternoon session saw Chatbot Malaysia’s Carliff having a chat with Andrew. They discussed how chatbots are still relevant in today’s businesses despite the demand for AI. Carliff also highlighted a few examples of companies in Malaysia using chatbots in their services to not only deal with their customers but also do other tasks as well.

Zoho’s Vaijayanthi then explained the power of personalisation to improve ROI. Having personalised messages in the form of emails or even recommendations by analytics is something businesses need to work on more. While the problem of being bombarded with lots of content can be annoying to many, there are ways to have a better approach. She explained that this included having a unified software and to treat personalisation as an interactive process. Businesses also need to identify their customers’ personalisation tolerance and be transparent with them.

The last speaker of the day was SushiVid’s Wen Foong who spoke on how businesses should leverage on influencer marketing effectively in the tech space. Her engaging session explained to guests how influencers can make a big difference to a business and why businesses should consider spending a bit more on influencer marketing.

According to Wen Foong, influencer marketing allows influencers and their followers to build upon good word of mouth to create awareness of the brand or product on social media. She added that influencer marketing targets millennials, so the product should be aimed towards them. Businesses will also be able to be beef up their social media presence and associate themselves to people that others trust.

The event ended with a question and answer session between the guests and speakers. Overall, the attendees felt the event gave them a lot of insights into digital marketing and how they can use some of the ideas presented for their businesses.