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Aspen Technology Announces New AIoT Hub to Unlock Value of Data for the Next Generation of AI-driven Business Insights
August 14, 2020 News


Aspen Technology, Inc., the asset optimisation software company, announced a new AIoT Hub, a result of the integration of its recent investments in Industry 4.0 capabilities. The new AIoT Hub enables seamless and flexible data mobility and integration across the enterprise from sensors to the edge and cloud and accelerates the delivery of visualisation and insights for capital-intensive industries. This AIoT Hub is also the cloud-ready environment for AspenTech’s next-generation Industrial AI products and solutions.

The new hub addresses the rapid convergence of IT and OT that customers are experiencing, significantly reducing the risks and time to market for introducing AI to complex operations. This new approach can seamlessly integrate industrial data sources and deliver actionable insights faster than ever before with ready-to-use and built-for-industry applications unlike generic AI platforms, which require a massive data integration effort and an army of data scientists to implement. It is also extensible, enabling customers and partners to create their own custom applications.

The AspenTech AIoT Hub consists of several well established and innovative technologies. At its core is Aspen InfoPlus.21 (IP.21) the information management system for real-time industrial processes, which collects large volumes of process data for reporting and analysis. It also integrates technologies from several acquisitions in recent years, including the cloud native connectivity from RtTech Software, the cloud capabilities and ability to assemble and deploy AI-driven IoT applications from Mnubo, and the enterprise insights and visualisation features from Sabisu.

“Market volatility means that capital intensive industries have to be more agile than ever before to survive and thrive in every cycle,” said Antonio Pietri, President and CEO of Aspen Technology. “Access to analytics and insights is a critical need when making business decisions, yet efforts to mine pools of data across the enterprise are often stalled by the challenges of data collection and integration, with promised business insights and agility never materialising. This new hub enables us to accelerate the delivery of the promised insights and agility, built on proven technology and expertise.”