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AspenTech Transforms IIoT Data into Actionable Insights


Aspen Technology, announced that it will deliver Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) advanced analytics and machine learning applications on Microsoft Azure. AspenTech will extend the reach of aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM) software to new assets and data sources across the enterprise with Aspen Edge Connect and Aspen Cloud Connect software. Now available in the latest aspenONE Version 10.1 release, Aspen Edge Connect and Aspen Cloud Connect capture and aggregate critical data from assets and data sources throughout the plant and across the enterprise.

AspenTech will combine this reliable edge and enterprise connectivity with Azure to provide capital-intensive companies with a scalable, trusted, high-performance data analytics environment that delivers the accurate and actionable insights needed to optimize asset, plant and enterprise performance and reliability.

The alignment of AspenTech and Microsoft’s technology and expertise delivers on the IIoT promise to connect assets, measure their performance and improve business outcomes. With the ability to automate complex analyses and workflows, critical insights into the data relationships between assets and processes are revealed, enabling companies in capital-and asset-intensive industries to maximize uptime and availability while minimizing maintenance costs.

“Stranded assets that are hard to reach, older assets with outdated controls and assets with limited connectivity require an IIoT solution that leverages flexible, economical and scalable edge technology, avoiding costly rip-and-replace upgrades,” said John Hague, Senior Vice President and General Manager, AspenTech APM. “Real-time asset connectivity and system-level views of asset performance data are critical for making informed business decisions and add further value to the asset optimization solutions we offer customers today. With Microsoft Azure, AspenTech is giving customers the option and advantages of low-cost, scalable edge computing and data analytics in the cloud as well as on-premises. We are continuing to deliver rapidly deployed, low-touch Asset Performance Management solutions that offer quick time to value and drive increased reliability.”

Çağlayan Arkan, General Manager, Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources Industry at Microsoft Corp. said, “Aspen Technology, combined with Microsoft Azure, connects critical assets to the enterprise, helping manufacturing and other industrial customers realize the benefits of digital transformation and IIoT. Combining AspenTech’s asset optimization solutions with the global scale of Azure will enable customers to achieve high levels of operational excellence.”