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Atigeo Acquires YaData Solutions
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

Atigeo, a compassionate technology company and developer of the xPatterns big data analytics platform, recently announced its acquisition of YaData Solutions. The deal closed in the second quarter and includes the acquisition of intellectual property, personnel, customers and sales pipeline.

“As part of the Atigeo family, our vision of empowering and securing customers has now gone into overdrive, and our combined strengths will help them reduce the noise and make better, faster decisions,” said Michael Sandoval, CEO of Atigeo.

“We saw instant synergy with YaData as we have a shared vision and common methodology to big data analytics. Atigeo’s xPatterns platform uses data science and a bottoms-up approach and when coupled with YaData’s top-down customer facing cyber technology, it’s an amazing combination that further empowers customers to easily extract practical and useable insights from data.”

The YaData acquisition provides Atigeo with sophisticated technology that includes comprehensive and unified security intelligence. This assembly of software is synchronised through a Semantic Pattern component that delivers human inferencing capabilities with unsurpassed data analysis and visualisation.

YaData’s customer base, which includes the Departments of the Air Force, Army, Navy and the United States Marine Corps, the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, will now be served as part of Atigeo’s newly combined team.