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Atos acquires zData, a premier consulting firm with unparalleled expertise in Big Data solutions


Atos has signed a share purchase agreement with zData, bringing a unique team of software engineers and data scientists to support its customers’ digital transformation journey within all sectors.

This strategic acquisition brings a new level of scalability, reliability and performance giving enterprises all the benefits of open-source software framework Hadoop through the world’s most advanced turnkey Hadoop solution for critical production workloads. The company is working with the industries best software providers for on-site and off-site consulting – from Greenplum to Hadoop and PIVOTAL HDB (HAWQ) expertise.

“We are pleased to welcome zData to the Atos team and look forward to offering our customers the right blueprint in their cloud application development needs leveraging zData’s PIVOTAL Cloud Foundry experience,” said Jerome Sandrini, Atos Vice President and Head of Big Data, North American Operations“zData’s Hadoop experts and Data scientists combined with Atos’ cognitive solutions will enable Atos to accelerate the deployment of its Big Data and Atos Codex solutions in North America, further strengthening its ability to guide customers through their digital transformation journey.”

zData’s team of experts and innovative capabilities fully align to its Big Data and Atos Codex expansion strategy notably in the U.S. Atos Codex offers organizations fast and cost efficient means to exploit the value of their existing data combined with external data.

In this new landscape, the ability to derive insight from massive volumes of structured and unstructured data will be made possible by systems which are able to learn as they perform.

Atos Codex gives customers the techniques, tools and processes they need to make this business-changing step from Business Intelligence to agile analytics.

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