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August 2020 Special Focus: Modern Data Lake Analytics
August 28, 2020 Library


Unlike data warehouses, data lakes take on a different approach to the storing of data to a centralised repository. What’s interesting about a data lake is that it allows an organisation to store all of their data, both structured and unstructured, at any scale, as-is without the need for the data to be cleaned, enriched, or transformed beforehand.

That may sound like a recipe for disaster, but in actual fact, data lakes do provide distinct benefits when it comes to analytics. They are flexible and could best address the data realities faced by modern businesses, such as having to make sense of much greater volumes and varieties of data and meeting rising user expectations.

In this month special focus, we will look at why businesses are turning to data lakes to unlock a wider range of up-to-the-minute query capabilities when it comes to data analytics.