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Award-Winning voice call service proves AI, humans can co-exist
February 25, 2019 News


[24]7 Active Share, the proprietary voice call service of multinational BPO company [24], continues to prove that artificial intelligence (AI) and humans can actually complement each other to increase efficiency in customer service.

This voice call solution remains as the only one of its kind in the industry today, serving clients and their customers from all over the world. In recognition of this innovative milestone, Enterprise Asia – a leading non-governmental organization for entrepreneurship in Asia – awarded [24]7 Active Share with a distinction in the product category during the International Innovation Awards (IIA) held recently at MGM Cotai, Macau. A highly coveted recognition program around the world, the NGO recognized Active Share for its innovativeness that leads not only to improved business performance, but also to positive social and economic impact.

“As a company, we are grateful for the recognition. It gets us exposure, puts us front and center. But what really matters to us is that we have made a difference to our clients’ customers, so their words of praise are the daily recognition we live for,” says Rienzi Ramirez, president and country manager of [24] in the Philippines.Since its first rollout in 2013, [24]7 Active Share has raised revenues for clients because of the increased efficiency of handling calls from their respective customers. The system has made it easy for customers to facilitate their online transactions using their smartphone or other connected mobile devices, giving them a richer and more productive experience throughout the entire call.

In using [24]7 Active Share, the agent pushes dynamic interactive content on the calling customer’s connected device so they can both see the online transaction happening in real- time. Together, both agent and customer can address complex concerns with utmost flexibility, convenience, and security. The agent is able to see the customer’s actions as they happen, thereby allowing him to give step-by-step guidance and proper advice whenever necessary. There is no need to download plugins, so the entire session can go uninterrupted until the end of the call.For the agent, each session allows him to help the customer while improving business sales and service for clients. “It fosters a sense of pride within our agents, being able to contribute and be part of this innovation. “We create the technology, our people author the content that their customers see” Ramirez continues. He added that in giving traditional BPO voice services a digital upgrade through [24]7 Active Share, meeting customer expectations using intuitive apps becomes a unique experience that combines human sensitivity with machine intelligence. Having the assuring sound of a person’s voice while navigating through mobile apps demonstrates how humans are as equally important as AI when it comes to customer service satisfaction.