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Axiomatics Rolls Out SmartGuard™ for Big Data, Adds Support for Apache Hive


Axiomatics, the leader in fine-grained dynamic authorization, today announced the release of Axiomatics SmartGuard™ for Big Data v. 1.1, with a key improvement that now supports Apache Hive.

Big Data systems must be protected when they contain sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), critical digital assets that are your intellectual property (IP), or other regulated content. SmartGuard for Big Data provides fine-grained access control for data stored in Hadoop through the SQL-on-Hadoop engines Apache HAWQ, and now Hive in this latest release. Big Data is now protected at the source with centrally managed policies that filter and mask content according to your business, security and compliance objectives.

“Our goal with the latest product release is to provide our clients the power of fine-grained dynamic authorization for data stored in Hadoop through as many SQL-on-Hadoop engines as possible,” said Pablo Giambiagi, VP of Strategic Research. “Hive is one of the most widely used SQL-on-Hadoop engines, so this availability meets a broad marketplace need.”

SmartGuard for Big Data safeguards Big Data systems against unauthorized access and exfiltration of data by utilizing Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). The smart solution enforces fine-grained access control based on attributes of the user or service and the data being protected. Characteristics such as data classification, purpose of use, time of day, user location, device in use, and a user’s role or group are used to build ABAC policies. These policies control access to Big Data, and dynamically filter and mask this data in a single, powerful solution.

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