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Big Data Awareness High On Fusionex Checklist

The Fusionex Big Data workshop was held recently at the Fusionex premises, as part of Big Data Week 2016. The initiative was to elevate the level of Big Data awareness among the general public as well as to ensure the achievement of a high-income nation that will accelerate the country’s transition into a developed-nation status.
During the in-depth workshop, Fusionex explained all the ins-and-outs of Big Data to workshop attendees, including the potential benefits that managing data can bring and how to take the fullest advantage of data-derived insights.

Big Data Week Asia 2016 is a week-long congregation that kicked off at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre initiated by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). It hosted 3,500 participants from across the ASEAN region, 84 world-class speakers, 38 leading exhibitors, 41 sponsors and 17 satellite events focused on building a data-driven South East Asia.

As put forward by Fusionex, everyone can use Big Data – its benefits are not restricted to one particular group or industry. Individuals who are new to the data world, business leaders and even data scientists are catered to at the workshops.

The Fusionex Big Data workshop was attended by individuals from the retail, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries. Also present were individuals from the education field, including researchers interested in finding out how Big Data could be applied in their line of work.

The workshops are held, some at regularly scheduled events across the globe, and some ad-hoc, depending on the request of particular groups or individuals. The workshops are conducted by Fusionex subject matter experts and provide an all-encompassing view on the state of Big Data worldwide, including the latest advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, all of which Fusionex specializes in.

The workshop received favourable feedback among attendees who were not only exposed to the field of Big Data Analytics (BDA) as a whole, but were educated on the ways in which BDA could apply to their specific industries and improve their individual company’s processes and financials. The workshop also included a networking session to allow attendees time for meeting contemporaries across industries and exchanging ideas.

Attendees were treated to a free individual hands-on session with the Fusionex BDA platform, Fusionex GIANT. They were guided through the general process of data collection, data cleansing, data visualization, and deriving insights from their data. This offered them a real-world scenario in which they would be using Big Data to solve their company’s problems and increase their work efficiency as a whole.

Big Community is pleased to announce that we are launching the Big Project with MDEC supported by Fusionex – this will give many more people the chance to learn more and obtain hands on knowledge about Big Data with Fusionex GIANT. To learn more about the Big Project, check here: