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Big data, big dividends
September 6, 2016 News

Asiafruit Congress hears how big data is enabling fruit and vegetable marketers to fine-tune their marketing strategies.

Big data, big dividends

Loren Zhao of Fruitday, winner of the Asia Fruit Marketing Campaign of the Year award

Bridging the gap between brand and consumer has never been easier thanks to the wealth of information available to produce marketers today. In the second session of this year’s Asiafruit Congress looking at different generational approaches to marketing strategy, delegates heard a range of opinions on the value of demographic data in driving marketing decisions.

With Asia Pacific accounting for 81 per cent of the global vegetable market and 68 per cent of global fruit sales, it is clear that developing effective marketing strategies is crucial for success in the region.


Research presented by Ritin Malhotra of Singapore-based Euromonitor International reveals that busy urban consumers are looking for a greater variety of produce, smaller portions and appealing and informative packaging.

With the region’s urban population forecast to reach 2.3bn by 2025, tapping into the requirements of time-pressed consumers will be a priority for produce marketers in the coming years, while the obesity crisis is also fuelling concerns over nutrition.

Fruitday’s Loren Zhao explained that the online retailer’s marketing strategy is aimed primarily at the working married women with children in the high-income bracket which make up the bulk of its consumer base. Analysing consumer behaviour based on order data enables the retailer to target which product lines to expand and what consumer promotional strategy to pursue.

Zhao illustrated the point with a case study on avocados directed at sports lovers and gym members living in urban areas who were targeted through apps related to fitness.

Lyndon Morant of Mindshare argued that when it comes to analysing consumer behaviour, no one size fits all. Today’s technology means that instead of relying on broad demographic models, consumer behaviour can be defined in precise detail and any given moment in time, he said. Smart media planning relies on being able to deliver the right message at the right moment to the right consumer.

The morning session concluded with the presentation of the 2016 Asia Fruit Awards, the annual pan-Asian awards for the fresh produce business presented by Asiafruit Magazine and Asia Fruit Logistica.

Fruitday’s Mr Orange-branded fruit, marketed as ‘Cheng Xiang Sheng’ in Mandarin, scooped the best marketing campaign, South Korea’s Jinwon Trading was named importer of the year and Walmart’s Sam’s Club China won produce retailer of the year.


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