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Big Data CX World Show Comes to Australia on 2-3 February 2016
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

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In today’s connected world, consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have high expectations of the retail experience. Building personalized customer experience requires deep insights into customer interactions, data, and processes which goes beyond the usual transactional-based customer-service.

Big Data initiatives have become a reality among many organizations today. Using a holistic data view to gain the fullest understanding of customer interactions, intentions, and values possible is the direction all technology savvy companies should be heading towards. Given that 81% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, retailers recognize the value of data driven customer experience, but few are actually leveraging it to their advantage.

With in-depth interactive discussions and case studies from experts across industries, this conference is designed to engage potential solutions to current emerging challenges in relevant industries. With an expected audience of 100+ attendees, join us for this 2-day Big Data Analytics for Customer Experience Management conference to dig deeper into topics and learn new strategies on how analytics can drive customer experience efficiencies and maximize revenue in business-related activities.

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