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Big Data Doctrine: Warehouse vs. Data Lakes
December 11, 2015 Blog

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The term “Data Lake” has continued to evolve and gain momentum. Data Lakes are the new kids on the block with respect to Big Data management and a stark contrast to traditional Data Warehouse solutions businesses have been employing since the 1980s. Recently this contrast, to say the least, has had several narratives: good versus evil, wrong side of history, etc. Which side you’re on depends on many factors.

Though to understand where we’re going, you need to know where we came from. This is no different with respect to the warehouse versus lake discussion. What makes technology a true “trend,” and what makes a new trend supersede the next, typically follow a similar path: Hype, Belief, Adaption, Duration. History has shown that many of the more notable trends had a tough go of it before general acceptance was achieved. In other words, megatrends (life-changing) such as “Cloud” and “Big Data” had many a tsunami of data.