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Big Data in Pharma
April 12, 2016 News

Big Data in Pharma: Current & Future Trends for Big Data Utilization Across Commercial Functions

The last decade has seen an explosion in the availability of data that can deliver valuable insights for key commercial decisions within the biopharmaceutical industry – from Electronic Medical Records and medical claims to clinical trial data and patient behavior data. All these information types are part of the large and complex data sets called Big Data.

However, the biopharmaceutical industry has taken a long time to embrace big data due to the inherent costs and other challenges that come with harnessing large sets of information in varied formats.

Recognizing the huge potential that big data holds for strategic commercial decisions, biopharmaceutical companies are taking steps to develop greater big data capabilities. Best Practices, LLC undertook this study to probe current & future trends, winning strategies and best practices for Big Data utilization across the commercial function.

The study offers benchmarks around the most useful data types and sources for key commercial decisions; governance policies and leadership; and the most impactful data producers, dissemination channels and targets.

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