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Big Data Predicted Fashion Trends Spoils E-Commerce Giant Globalegrow’s Customers


Globalegrow, the leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise, unveiled a capsule collection of stripes this month, which achieved a sales growth of more than 35%. They believed that the popularity of stripe elements must continue to grow in the spring/summer season 2017.

The collection of strips is featured with a complete line of items, including tops, dresses and bodysuits. After the New York Fashion Week opened on early February, the data analysts from Globalegrow noticed a sharp increase by 40% of the search volume of the keyword ‘stripes’ compared with January. While professional stylists also reported that the striped items would be a thing in the coming season.

According to Benjamin Zhao, Head of Product Line Marketing Department of Globalegrow, “We combine the fashion with statistics to get the magic going”. “It is so interesting to see how our internal search results correspond with the current micro fashion moments.”

In Globalegrow, there is a research and development team with more than 15 experts, including top stylists, data scientists and professional buyers. Those top stylists who once worked as ex-Zara studio designers joined with rich industry experience to help fully predict the fashion trend. Meanwhile, the data scientists in Globalegrow keep track of the fashion trend and customer preference by using the most advanced tool in the industry, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords and self-developed analytical systems.

With the help of stylists, data scientists and buyers work closely to optimize every single step of the journey, Globalegrow launched the fabulous collection of stripes shortly with big success. According to the 2016 annual merchandising report, striped items are among the bestsellers with an average daily sales volume of 150.

Furthermore, Globalegrow continues to renew more design by adding some twist to make major waves. In this case, it adds the stripes with floral printing to offer a graphic touch to the timeless and classic staples.

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