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Big Data Solution That Saves Millions in Hardware and Licensing Costs


Trifork Announces the Financial Impact of Open-Source Big Data Platforms

As of today, Pyton Travel Technology – an Amadeus company (AMS.MC) – launched its next generation dynamic travel booking engine. The platform introduces incredible performance improvements and rich functionalities which enable customers to rapidly build flexible travel solutions. This platform firmly secures Pyton’s position as a leader in travel retail.

Trifork helped Pyton by building an innovative big data platform that delivers unsurpassed flexibility and blazing fast search results. In an industry renowned for unforgivingness towards performance bottlenecks, speed was a key requirement. Through revolutionary new techniques, Trifork enables end-users to search through over 600 million records in under 50 milliseconds. This allows Pyton to easily serve over 35 million requests per day, a hundredfold improvement compared to the old platform.

Pyton realized that its Microsoft SQL-Server system no longer matched its operational vision. The hardware-hungry platform led to ever-increasing costs and maintenance challenges. To overcome these challenges, Trifork designed a fully open-source solution which allowed Pyton to phase out over 80 servers and accompanying Microsoft licenses.

Peter Boneschansker, CEO of Pyton: “The number of euros in savings is very impressive, but what is really unbelievable are the rich new functionalities we can now offer. The platform enables us to accelerate innovations that will drive the future of our company. Trifork has shown profound technical expertise during this project and truly delivered on their promises, something I have rarely seen in the industry.”

Marc te Vruchte, Technical Director at Trifork: “When creating high performance big data platforms, we always start with the business domain. Understanding the customer journey, knowing which requirements drive value, and gathering KPI’s are the architectural foundation. We continuously monitor the systems behavior, allowing us to guarantee that all KPI’s are met. This instrumentation enables us to rapidly iterate on design decisions and efficiently create an optimal solution. Combined with an open-source architecture, powered by Debian, Docker and Elasticsearch, we have designed an efficient platform that saves a lot of money.”


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