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Big Data Starts to Strain Data Warehouse Platforms
December 11, 2015 Library big data

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As data warehouses strain under heavy big data workloads, data warehousing, BI software and advanced analytics will present opportunities for solution providers.

The data warehouse landscape is rapidly evolving as IT organizations move to embrace big data technologies, such as Hadoop and Apache Spark, according to the findings of a new survey that Researchscape conducted on behalf of Actian, a provider of data management platforms optimized for SQL.

Some organizations used a traditional warehousing vendor, while others used a hybrid approach that blends legacy technology with big data platforms, such as Hadoop and Spark.

A study, showed that rather than completely replace data warehouse systems in which they have invested millions of dollars, the majority are looking to extend the value of those investments by employing new business intelligence (BI) and analytics apps that can work with both traditional and emerging sources of data.

Yet, while most are satisfied with their current data warehouse solution, more than half admit that their systems are starting to strain under the load of big data. In fact, the two primary reasons IT organizations would consider replacing those systems are an inability to scale and a lack of performance.

For solution providers across the channel, it looks like data warehousing along with BI software and advanced analytics will soon become a multibillion dollar opportunity that will apparently require just a little more patience to fully exploit.