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Big Data Week Workshops For Non-IT Users


OR Technologies held a 2 day, 4 session workshop on Self Service Business Intelligence, Visual Analytics and Geo-Spatial Visualisation under the umbrella of Big Data Week Asia that was hosted  by MDEC.

OR Technologies was founded in 2006 and specialises in end-to-end business intelligence, data analytics, data warehousing and consultation services. They help people to see and understand their data using Tableau, providing free services and also professional services to customers and all data enthusiasts, data lovers and users in Malaysia.

Tableau is a leader in business intelligence and business analytics platforms that help people in their daily professional work. They are a fourth year leader in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

The sessions which go through in detail on reading and identifying queries in analytics, was held for everyday users to learn how to use Tableu Desktop application to collect, identify and read data.

Speaking to Marketing Executive, Abdul Mursid Ehsani Abdul Rahman who was overseeing the workshop, he says the workshop which had already run for one day, was well attended, with approximately 30 attendees per session.

“Those who have no programming or scripting background will benefit a lot from this workshop. It will help the users without IT experience to read and understand data even though the user has no background in programming or scripting. It is a workshop that tells the users is layman terms on converting the technical data into data that non-IT personnel may use”, he added.

The software is applicable to end users who work with data or analysis and for users who need to find results quickly and efficiently without going through too many hands. This will reduce the time spent on a single task and increase efficiency in all departments, especially those directly linked to data that needs to be processed.

Abdul added that he is very appreciative that the government, through MDEC, are doing a great job in educating the public on understanding the importance of data and how to use it in their everyday lives, either at work or otherwise.

In addition to Big Data Week, MDEC’s Asean Data Analytics eXchange or ADAX, which will feature the latest in Big Data technologies across Asean, is expected to be launched by year end. It will be a hub for all Big Data users and vendors, where users are able to learn about BDA and experience Big Data in real time and where vendors can show case their products and facilities through a visual experience.