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Big Data: Where Are We Headed?
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

This article was originally published by IT and can be viewed in full here

Big data is currently on the fast track. The rapid ongoing developments are not showing any signs of slowing down in 2015.

Companies lose a lot of potential when their various departments work as isolated entities. When there is a lack of information flow and communication within the company, a great deal of knowledge is lost or unutilised.

A company’s internal data can be a veritable buried treasure. Those who manage to unearth it and use it effectively for their business are the companies who will take the lead.

Most people view big data as an unstructured and chaotic mass of worthless information. Yet in reality, big data contains a vast potential to recognise patterns and correlations in information. Big data analyses can predict the course of an influenza epidemic in minute detail or analyse typical behaviour patterns to anticipate when a customer is toying with the idea of terminating a contract.

The development and use of these intelligent assistance systems will continue to escalate in the future, helping people and companies navigate in a steadily more complex world and create the necessary competitive edge in business.