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Big Data’s Big Social Impact
December 11, 2015 Blog big data

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The big challenges charities face in harnessing data to drive donations . Using and analyzing big data is vital to stay competitive. Charity partners are increasingly looking to data to help them build fundraising campaigns and build scale to reach more disadvantaged young people.

Data’s capacity to provide valuable insights and efficiencies for charities is big. But what is also big is the skills gap, in understanding and being able to harness the wealth of data available to those charities.

The term ‘big data’ doesn’t always mean huge and complex. There are loads of digital fundraising, data management and customer relationship management platforms on the market.

The key to successful fundraising is for charities to truly understand the people they are asking for money . Identifying a simple donor journey can be useful when reviewing methods, messages and timings of supporter communications.

Data analysis can track who donated in the past, the amount and how much they gave. This can help charities understand giving patterns, where and why income is increasing or dropping off. The ability to map incoming money is vital for our charities.

It’s education and opportunities that are going to help charities better explore and visualize data for great causes.

Big data has captured the minds and attention of marketers who want to truly understand the hearts and minds of consumers.