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Big Project Takes Off With First Training By Fusionex
November 11, 2016 News


Big Community’s “Big Project” supported by Fusionex and co organised with MDEC, was launched yesterday with the first training for applicants on how to use the Fusionex Giant. The applicants are eligible to be selected for the Big Project Visualisation ‘Bi-Weekly Winner’ program.

The project runs for 6 months and those who enter get a 30 day free access to the Fusionex Giant account and start working on Open Data sets from This initiative serves to help people new to big data get hands on experience and those with experience to try this great software from Fusionex.


Chin Jien Lau from Fusionex as a trainer

The platform by Fusionex, is a state-of-the-art platform for visualisation available in the market today.

Registrations are still open for anyone interested to try their hand at using Fusionex Giant.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email welcoming you to the program and the latest updates and what to prepare. There will be a free of charge training course from Fusionex to help you on your way. Details will be emailed directly to successful applicants.


The Participants

So sign in and start analysing the data, get a chance to meet with fellow data analysts across ASEAN, get help funding your ideas or even get sponsored for further resource into your ideas.

If you are selected as a weekly winner we will also give you your 15 minutes of fame by featuring your visualisations on our home page.

Register yourself at the link below.