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Bigstep and Helioserv Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver Big Data Hackathons
July 28, 2016 News


Bigstep, the big data cloud provider, and Helioserv, the global data exploitation consultancy, today announced a new strategic partnership, formed to power plug-and-play big data hackathons. The Hackathon-in-a-Box is designed to enable organizations to cut through the complexity of leveraging big data, by providing them with the big data technology and the extensive know-how required to rapidly generate data-driven, pioneering ideas.

Using Bigstep’s high-performance big data cloud, Helioserv’s experts and data scientists are able to correlate and process structured and unstructured, real-time and historical data, in order to effectively drive opportunity and lower risks. Data originating in the organization can be correlated with third-party datasets, providing otherwise unreachable insights, at previously unheard-of speeds.

“We are genuinely excited about this strategic partnership with the top-tier data management company, Helioserv, which further enhances Bigstep’s ability to deliver complex big data solutions quickly, effectively and with ease,” said Bigstep’s Founder and CEO Lucas Roh. “Hackathon-in-a-Box is precisely the type of use case we had in mind when we built-in the ability to quickly drag and drop every software and hardware component needed for an enterprise-grade big data architecture. I believe Helioserv is uniquely equipped to help us stretch what’s possible in terms of delivering highly personalized, game-changing insights.”

“We are very excited to announce our strategic partnership with Bigstep supporting our Hackathon-in-a-Box offering,” said Helioserv CEO Brett Sanford. “This special relationship was built on a number of joint successes in helping customers succeed on their Big Data journeys and a shared vision of eliminating all the hurdles businesses face in simply trying to use their data better. By combining Helioserv’s data science and analytics services with Bigstep’s platform-as-a-service, we have created a truly innovative approach to helping businesses leverage their data quickly, efficiently and flexibly.”

“Time and again, our customers have confirmed the value of this vision by choosing powerful yet affordable and flexible Helioserv/Bigstep joint solutions over complicated and expensive alternatives offered by more traditional big name suppliers,” Helioserv’s CTO Chris von Csefalvay commented. “They in turn found great value in the collaborative model of execution, transparent pricing and competent delivery teams who guided them on their way to big data success. With the formalization of the partnership between Helioserv and Bigstep, we will be able to service greater demand and provide more powerful services through tighter integration.”

Less than 1% of data collected is ever analyzed, according to IDC. Putting data to good use, by fully implementing cutting-edge solutions such as Hadoop-enabled data architectures, is by no means easy, nor quick. Bigstep and Helioserv have set out to provide an effective way to test-out the benefits of doing big data, by combining the highly automated capabilities of Bigstep’s big data cloud with the experience and expertise of Helioserv’s highly trained big data scientists and consultants, all in one box, Hackathon-in-a-Box.

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