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Bosch and Phillips Launch PeopleCount – A Social Distancing Solution
July 17, 2020 News


Bosch in partnership with Phillips launched PeopleCount, a social distancing solutions made for public settings. The solution enables owners to count the number of customers or visitors entering and leaving the premise. The system can be used for single or multiple entrances in combination and displays the data via a simple traffic light system. While keeping customers informed and engaged with both promotional and safety messaging, this gives facility managers the capability to manage safe distancing in the premise effectively and efficiently.

“As more businesses are opening up, maintaining safe distancing especially in public areas is the utmost concern for any premise owner. PeopleCount is a solution that helps business owners implement safe distancing measures without having to change their current system,” said Janesta Woon, general manager of Bosch building technology in Malaysia. “It also gives public-facing spaces such as retailers, food and beverage outlets, house of worships such as mosques, churches, and temples as well as facilities such as gym and educational spaces to take immediate action when occupancy thresholds are reached, giving them a peace of mind in keeping their staff and patrons safe”.

Janesta outlined why entry and occupancy management solutions are becoming the norm and what important factors security professionals, facility managers, and business operators must consider during the launch which was done via livestream. These include low investment, easy and quick deployment, unmanned solutions, customer friendliness, and the ability to keep a record and statistics.


PeopleCount: How it works?

PeopleCount is a stand-alone application where a Bosch camera with essential or intelligent analytics is connected to a signage display placed at the premise’s entrance. With Bosch video analytics doing the math, a maximum occupancy number is set – counting the number of people entering and exiting the premise.

Single or multiple cameras and monitors can be deployed across different entries or individual stores. The cameras update a webserver that in turn generates the current status of the occupancy. This webpage can be displayed in any browser-enabled display, such as tablet or an android TV. The key advantage of using this system is the ability to control access points of a building, such as turnstile, sliding door or an access gate. The system can aggregate the counts from different cameras to monitor the occupancy of individual shops, floors, and even areas covered by multiple entries and exits.

The webserver will turn on the output in the user-defined Bosch cameras when the occupancy has reached its maximum number. These outputs can be used to trigger the building access control system to secure the entrance until the occupancy is reduced. The system also delivers real time information to the display for customer queue communications, alerting visitors whether they must wait or if they can enter.

The screen display can be used in three formats. The entire screen can be used to signal individuals to wait or enter. It can also be divided 50/50, where one part is used for entry instructions and the other may include promotional or instructional videos and even special products on discount. The third option is the use of a traffic light display for entry management while having a large area of the monitor to display other content.