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Bumrungrad Hospital to utilize an advance machine learning AI supporting doctors in Thailand


Bumrungrad International Hospital is at the forefront of personalized cancer care with comprehensive genomic testing that leads to a more accurate diagnosis and better analysis of outcomes for cancer patients.

Bumrungrad, a medical tourism and healthcare leader for over a decade, was Asia’s first hospital to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) for American-equivalent clinical operations standards in 2002. A one-stop-shop of multidisciplinary medicine, Bumrungrad provides comprehensive care in over 70 clinical sub-specialties for patients from over 190 nationalities and underlined its pioneering position in cancer treatment with commitment to the latest innovations in cancer prevention, treatment, and research.

New comprehensive genomic profiling includes an updated gene list and alterations in the most commonly mutated genes known to drive the growth of cancer. New tests detail genomic signatures which can better direct treatment decisions. Since all patients are different, specific individual treatments, often called targeted therapies or precision medicine, are customized to each patient and can be more effective than standard cancer treatments.

Dr. Surasit Issarachai, an Oncology Specialist at Horizon Regional Cancer Center, Bumrungrad International Hospital, stated that today’s technology makes diagnosis faster and more accurate, which is vital since cancer is the leading cause of death in most developed countries.

Dr. Issarachai, who is also fluent in Arabic, said that it is a misconception that cancer is mostly hereditary, and that personalized cancer treatment is better in many cases.

“Everybody has a different genetic make-up which makes us susceptible to different diseases therefore medication can work in different ways for different people. In some cases, we can use targeted therapy to help control the cancer,” he said. “While standard treatments are still effective; some cases require greater insights. This is where the new technology that helps assess genes can help improve treatments for some patients by FoundationOne CDx, the first broad companion diagnostic assay to be endorsed by the USFDA, has been launched by Roche and Bumrungrad at the forefront of genomic testing in Thailand.”

Bumrungrad International is one of the hospitals outside of the United States to utilize an advance machine learning AI supporting Doctors in diagnoses and treatment plans with the aggregation of all past and current clinical trial and research data for oncology.