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C40 Cities Debuts Data Explorer Dashboards Leveraging the Qlik Analytics Platform
October 25, 2019 News


 Qlik announced in partnership with C40 Cities the formal launch of multiple data-driven dashboards in the C40 Knowledge Hub. C40 Cities has jointly developed a series of dashboards, called Data Explorer applications, covering topics such as Air Quality, Waste, Transport and Clean Energy, all built upon the Qlik data analytics platform. The Data Explorer applications illustrate key data points for cities within the C40 network as well as additional cities, while also monitoring global trends on the status of these issues. If used effectively within cities, the dashboards could help improve decision making and accelerate the policies and investments necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change.

“We are facing a global climate emergency, and the world’s leading cities are committed to whatever action is necessary to prevent climate breakdown,” said Rachel Huxley, Director of Knowledge and Learning, C40 Cities. “Overcoming this challenge will only be possible if mayors and cities have the very best and most accurate data available to inform their decision making. C40 is thrilled to be partnering with Qlik to help cities in this essential effort.”

The C40 Knowledge Hub is an online platform bringing together insights, practical resources and experiences, and tested approaches from cities leading the way in delivering climate action. The Knowledge Hub, in conjunction with the Qlik-driven Data Explorer applications, will allow cities to access policy briefs, technical guidance, the latest data and research, and a bank of case studies to catalyze action at greater speed and scale.

“Knowing where to start and how to measure progress are sizable hurdles to marshalling resources to fight climate change around the world,” said Julie Kae, Executive Director, “C40 Cities understands the crucial role of data in benchmarking performance and helping leaders prioritize areas for action. We’re very proud to support C40 Cities in helping mayors around the world better leverage data for change towards positive action to combat our changing climate.”

The C40 Cities and Qlik partnership has grown over the past years and is highlighted as part of a video series supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Powerful examples of the value of the partnership were driven by the Qlik developer ecosystem at Qlik’s Qonnections event in 2018. During the sessions, developers worked on applications to uncover hidden insights through data around issues such as GHG emissions and climate hazards. The data used for these applications spanned a variety of data sets from all C40 Cities, including information on emissions, climate hazards and climate actions. A specific challenge was also designed to support the City of Boston, looking to create applications that address building energy performance, and uncovering opportunities for Boston’s building owners, businesses and residents to reduce energy use, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.