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Can You Be More Artificially Intelligent Than Google?
March 14, 2018 Blog


If you speak to any experts in the field of AI, you will hear that the AI platforms that the big power houses of the IT industry make available to their customers, may not be quite as powerful as the AI they are developing for their own internal use. Whilst I am unable to verify this for sure, it does make sense, why would you pass a massive competitive advantage into the world for anyone, including your competition, to use against you.

However, this begs the question, how are the rest of us going to compete. If you follow the business news, you will already know that if you don’t embrace data driven transformation you are likely to become irrelevant. But if you want to build AI into your own business in a way that allows you to compete with and differentiate from the biggest players such as Google or IBM, how will you do it.

I will let you in on a secret. First off, AI algorithms, AI Bots, and Applications powered by AI, are only as good as the data they get access to. Also, just like a child that learns, Machine Learning AI benefits from good teachers. The better the teacher, the better the student. Finally, not all AI algorithms are created equally. They tend to be developed for a specific purpose and one AI may be better at a given application than another. In addition, they need access to enormous amounts of relevant data to truly hone their effectiveness. Companies like Cloudera provide the backend Data infrastructure that allows AI specialist to truly accelerate their offerings.

So, what does this mean for you as you attempt to develop AI applications to make sure your own business doesn’t get left behind. It means your expertise you have built over the years, the data you have collated and have access to, is still valuable when you build AI into your next wave of business solutions. You don’t throw this away and sit back believing an AI algorithm can “take it from here”.

AI promises a lot but the whole market place is flooded with snake oil and with far too many companies looking to implement AI, only to find the solutions that they work with are more vapourware than substance. Implementing AI correctly really can and will transform your business efficiencies you never dreamed of, ability to service customer and markets in a way that was never possible before. But its not as simple as subscribing to a chat bot service on public cloud. You need to find a company that has developed an AI offering tailored for your use case and that company needs an approach that harnesses the skills in your company and your own data, to develop solution that are specialised, differentiated and far more effective than a public cloud AI offering could ever become.