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CEO Roundtable Discussion by MDEC
June 16, 2016 News


Malaysian Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) will be hosting the ASEAN Big Mindset CEO Roundtable this coming August 2016 on Big Data Analytics (BDA).

The Roundtable which will be participated by CEO’s of businesses from various sectors, have been invited to share their thoughts, knowledge and expertise in helping to shape the future of the country through their companies by becoming data driven organisations themselves.

This will be an excellent avenue for those looking to broaden their current portfolios into other industries or get a better grasp of the latest trends, in particular, on BDA and how to improve customer satisfaction.

MDEC, who are the lead agency in driving the National digital transformation, believes BDA will be used as the catalyst for further economic growth throughout the country.

Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid had met with MDEC’s Ir Dr Karl recently in which Tan Sri had emphasized that the Asian region countries will need to step up and optimize their own data to grow in the technological era.

Malaysian companies can take the lead and look into areas where technological advances can be enhanced while setting examples for smaller companies and start-ups to bring about a better user experience.